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Fool's prophecy @ Muzeum Ikon, 19.05. 2018

I was in Heaven
By plane
I saw Angels
Speaking the unknown language
They disappeared behind the Sun
We flew further
To the East
The tip of the plane’s nose was opening the night
And the view behind the window was getting larger and larger
Until finally I could count all the coins
Winking on the bottom of the fountain

poem by Zuzanna Bartoszek

Artists: Zuzanna Bartoszek, Elizabeth Englander, Lubomir Grzelak, Aleksander Hardashnakov, Vera Karlsson, Marc Kokopeli, Tomasz Kowalski, Matthew Langanpeck, Marysia Paruzel, Marta L Poznanski, Damon Sfetsios, Jakub Rożej & Ewa Polska

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