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Löwenbräu lebt! Performance @ Kunsthalle Zurich, 14.12.2018 

             curated by: Michelle Akanji, Daniel Baumann, Lily-Pauline Koper and Oliver Roth

with: Paula Almiron / Eliane Bertschi / Fabrizia Flühler, Zuzanna Bartoszek, Johanna Kotlaris, Ana Mendes, Ceylan Öztrük, Rhodia, Deva Schubert, Stella, Stefan Tcherepnin, Juliette Uzor / Elie Autin.

Colourful Poems and Guided Meditation
Polish artist and poetZuzanna Bartoszek has revised and expanded her Guided Mediation performance for this evening. In a setting which purports a sense of comfort in a cold, inhospitable environment, Bartoszek reads her poems. They speak of solitude, death, and the here and now. Her texts demand focus, so there is no light, only minimal gestures, her voice. And a ten meter long chasm between reader and listeners. This is what it is about: The relation between audience and performer, and the solitude on both side; the way one perceives the poems and the emotions they stir.

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